Monthly Archives: November 2018

#44: Bodyguard -vs- Homecoming

New loyalty up for grabs in this week’s episode as we pit Netflix’s Bodyguard agains Amazon’s Homecoming. Will the guys be switching to Amazon or will Netflix remain supreme? Some of the guys discuss Ghosts Can’t Do It which was the latest punishment, we play Cinestats, and a surprising twist in the hidden role!

#43: Apostle -vs- Outlaw King

Two Wet Epic Films battle in the great War of What to Watch. We pit Outlaw King against Apostle in one of the weirdest episodes yet. Having the mystery role this week, the guys are confused and paranoid enough, but throw in a mirror in an outhouse, and things get really crazy.

#42: Quincy -vs- Gaga: Five Foot Two

This week we pit two musical giants against each other and see who makes for a more interesting documentary: Quincy Jones or Lady Gaga. We get way too deep into the terrible movie Tip Toes, the Nick punishment saga continues, and we have a coercion crew in our midst.

Bonus: Haunting of Hill House Revisited

In this bonus episode, the binge boys, minus Nick (the cute one), take a deep dive into the The Haunting of Hill House. Plus, they share some personal spooky stories!