Monthly Archives: January 2019

#49: Roma -vs- The Bill Murray Stories

This week we put Roma against The Bill Murray Stories in a surprising battle that tests friendships and loyalties. A last minute play changes the outcome of the game.

#48: Bird Box -vs- Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Starting the year off with two major releases! The new groundbreaking choose your own adventure Black Mirror episode is up against Netflix’s quietly released but big star thriller Bird Box. Did Bird Box live up to the hype? Was the Black Mirror experiment effective? We’ve got thoughts, let us know what you think.

2018 Bingies and Purgies

The first annual Bingies and Purgies are here! Find out what the guys thought of 2018’s original streaming content. Categories include best drama, best animation, favorite moments, biggest hater, best overall, worst overall, and more!

#47: Mowgli -vs- The Christmas Chronicles

This episode we get a recap on Abstract, we discuss Mowgli and The Christmas Chronicles, and things get heated when we discuss the hidden role.