Monthly Archives: March 2019

#58: Queer Eye -vs- Tidying Up

This week the boys get nasty on some Netflix originals. Queer Eye vs Tidying Up. Insane Clown Posse, Swating, and finding joy are also heavily discussed.

#57: Private Life -vs- Set it Up

It’s Valentine’s Day in March! The guys discuss a couple of movies about love and relationships, “Set it Up” and “Private Life”, and answer the age-old question: Who does Kathryn Hahn look like?

#56: Workin’ Moms -vs- The Widow

Netflix’s Workin’ Moms is up against Amazon’s The Widow this week. Is it Amazon’s week to finally take it or will Netflix remain the champ? We also talk a little bit of Spielberg and a tricky role hiding amongst us.

#55: The Great British Baking Show -vs- Pooka

It’s Christmas in February! In the style of The Great British Baking Show Holiday Edition this episode is an all out competition. In addition to the mystery role, each of the guys was texted secret roles to fulfill during the episode. Those who can follow their roles the best will be rewarded with points, and if they can guess the other secret roles they’ll get even more points! Who will win? On your mark, get set, podcast!