Monthly Archives: July 2019

#70: I Am Mother -vs- Wine Country

Things get weird when the boys Binge and Purge 2 Netflix Original movies, I am Mother and Wine Country.  Brian is cranky, Max is on, Drews thinks eating ass is gross, Dixon can’t compose his thoughts, Nick makes a turd, and Berry tries to pick a fight. All this and much much more on this episode of Binge and Purge

#69: Black Mirror Season 5

The binge boys go back to their roots and discuss season five of Black Mirror. Has the show fallen off? Would the guys have VR sex with each other, and is it cheating? What are Smilers? Plus, Brian calls his sister to make some confessions.

#68: Dead to Me -vs- Good Omens

In this episode we discuss Netflix’s Dead to Me and Amazon’s Good Omens along with Volcano. We’re also trying out a brand new role!