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#46: Big Mouth -vs- BoJack Horseman

A couple western animation series’ put against each other this week as we discuss Big Mouth and BoJack Horseman. Drews reveals some shocking news about Bad Ben, he guys discuss puberty, and a shocking and controversial hidden role.

#45: The Ballad of Buster Scruggs -vs- The Other Side of the Wind

The Coen Brothers up agains the great Orson Welles! Come hang out in the discussion of these two wild movies and stay for some poetry from the guys.

#44: Bodyguard -vs- Homecoming

New loyalty up for grabs in this week’s episode as we pit Netflix’s Bodyguard agains Amazon’s Homecoming. Will the guys be switching to Amazon or will Netflix remain supreme? Some of the guys discuss Ghosts Can’t Do It which was the latest punishment, we play Cinestats, and a surprising twist in the hidden role!

#43: Apostle -vs- Outlaw King

Two Wet Epic Films battle in the great War of What to Watch. We pit Outlaw King against Apostle in one of the weirdest episodes yet. Having the mystery role this week, the guys are confused and paranoid enough, but throw in a mirror in an outhouse, and things get really crazy.

#42: Quincy -vs- Gaga: Five Foot Two

This week we pit two musical giants against each other and see who makes for a more interesting documentary: Quincy Jones or Lady Gaga. We get way too deep into the terrible movie Tip Toes, the Nick punishment saga continues, and we have a coercion crew in our midst.

Bonus: Haunting of Hill House Revisited

In this bonus episode, the binge boys, minus Nick (the cute one), take a deep dive into the The Haunting of Hill House. Plus, they share some personal spooky stories!

#41: Hold the Dark -vs- Into the Dark

This week we finally see if Netflix can hold its own against Hulu. We put Netflix’s Hold the Dark against Hulu’s Into the Dark in a battle that will decide which streaming service we will watch going forward. A few of the guys also let the gang know if The Good Cop was a worthy punishment. Hey, are you creeped out?

#40: The Haunting of Hill House -vs- Creeped Out

This week the boys scare up 2 more netflix original shows: Creeped Out and The Haunting of Hill House.  Nick tells Max to shut up, Berry is Scary,  Drews makes a fool of us and everyone gets totally creeped out.

#39: The Land of Steady Habits -vs- The Meyerwitz Stories (New & Selected)

The boys discuss movies from two acclaimed indie directors, Noah Baumbach’s “The Meyerowitz Stories” and Nicole Holofcener’s “The Land of Steady Habits”, and one member’s deception is revealed. Will the podcast survive?

#38: Maniac -vs- The Dragon Prince

This week we discuss Maniac and The Dragon Prince. We get to know the guys a little better hearing how some of them met and their first impressions, there’s a Coercion Crew in the mix, and a new game!