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#64: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel -vs- The Act

This week we watch the first episodes of Amazon Prime’s “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” and Hulu’s “The Act”.  Things get steamy when we play a very sexy game.

#62: The Handmaid’s Tale -vs- Star Trek: Discovery

This week’s coercion crew tries to pull some real shady stuff. We discuss a couple flagpole shows – The Handmaid’s Tale and Star Trek: Discovery and ask the age old question “Would you go on a star trek?”

#55: The Great British Baking Show -vs- Pooka

It’s Christmas in February! In the style of The Great British Baking Show Holiday Edition this episode is an all out competition. In addition to the mystery role, each of the guys was texted secret roles to fulfill during the episode. Those who can follow their roles the best will be rewarded with points, and if they can guess the other secret roles they’ll get even more points! Who will win? On your mark, get set, podcast!

#51: Fyre -vs- Fyre Fraud

It’s time for another streaming showdown! We’re pitting Netflix’s Fyre against Hulu’s Fyre Fraud. Will we finally move on from Netflix, or will it eke out another victory? The boys also lament their millennial status and discuss the weird world of social media influencers.

2018 Bingies and Purgies

The first annual Bingies and Purgies are here! Find out what the guys thought of 2018’s original streaming content. Categories include best drama, best animation, favorite moments, biggest hater, best overall, worst overall, and more!

#41: Hold the Dark -vs- Into the Dark

This week we finally see if Netflix can hold its own against Hulu. We put Netflix’s Hold the Dark against Hulu’s Into the Dark in a battle that will decide which streaming service we will watch going forward. A few of the guys also let the gang know if The Good Cop was a worthy punishment. Hey, are you creeped out?